Wildlife Photography Tour

Dates: 25th - 30th June 2018

This new trip caters for photographers in particular and we'll make the most of the local conditions to get up close to the local wildlife. The tour includes 5 full days in the field with 2 boat trips that will enable us to get close to White-tailed Eagle, Red-throated Diver, Black-throated Diver and Red Deer. One of these trips will give us an excellent opportunity to photogrpah diving Gannets as well as the possibility of Minke Whale although this always involves a good deal of luck. We'll be starting early in the morning and also going out in the evenings to get the best light and allowing you time to process images etc. in the middle of the day when activity is at a lull.

For those into macro photohraphy we'll also encounter lots of wildflowers inlcuding various orchids as well as insects such as dragonflies, moths and butterflies. Setting a moth trap should help with some of the moths whilst nationally scarce species of butterfly will include Large Heath. In amongst all the wildlife we also visit some of the most stunning locations in the Outer Hebrides so there's pretty much something for everyone who enjoys taking photos.

Our main subjects that we'll concentrate on are: Short-eared Owl, Hen Harrier, White-tailed Eagle, Arctic Terns and European Otter although there are a whole host of other species that we should see and get the chance to photograph. Red Deer are common; as are both Grey and Harbour Seals with the latter giving birth at this time of year. Other species of birds that we will encounter and with a bit of luck get chance to photograph include Golden Eagle, Red-necked Phalarope, Black Guillemot, Little Tern, Golden Plover, Dunlin, Curlew and even possibly Corncrake.

What ever you find most enchanting about the wildlife you'll be sure to go home with some very memorable images from this trip.


Dates: 25th - 30th June 2018

Cost: £500 per person basic cost. This price includes transport around the islands, guiding to some of the best locations and two boat trips. We also provide tea / coffee and snacks. If you wish we can also book your accommodation and provide meals although there will be an extra charge for this.

Accommodation: This depends on the option you choose above and your budget. We can book you in to a hostel, guesthouse or hotel; it's up to you. The earlier you book the better the variety of accommodation that'll be available.

Group size: 6 maximum

Booking: Please email: steveduffield70@gmail.com

Where to meet: We will arrange this from day to day although if you wish for us to provide the trip as a full board package then we can pick you up from you port of entry.